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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-26 17:03:17161004831CARDIAC ARRESTCOFN DAVIS ST & N HOLLADAY STMETWA, STA8Open Call
2016-10-26 16:54:46161002410FALLCNB1009 NE TERRITORIAL RDE61, M62Open Call
2016-10-26 16:52:28161004830FALLFGF20TH PL & LAUREL STE422, MW73Open Call
2016-10-26 16:50:32161004829TRAUMACNLNW CLAIRE CT & NW ROBINIA LNE60, METWA, MW33Open Call
2016-10-26 16:44:13161004828FALLTUASW LOGAN LN & SW SAGERT STCAR34, METWA, MW38, SQT34Open Call
2016-10-26 16:44:02161002409SICK PERSONHVA12170 SE TURLEY PLE6, M280, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-26 16:43:54161004827FALLWILDEAD END & SW COUNTRY VIEW LNAMR, E52, MED52Open Call
2016-10-26 16:41:38161004826SEIZURESALODEAD END & SW ROSA DRE62, METWA, MW53Open Call
2016-10-26 16:37:52161004825MOVEUPNSBFIRE 21 (NSB)MED35Open Call
2016-10-26 16:36:49161002408ASTHMA PROBLEMTCR9361 SE 82ND AVE1, M267, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-26 16:29:50161004823SEIZURESHWHSE GLADYS ST & SE GRACE STE02, METWA, MW75Open Call
2016-10-26 16:24:28161004822FIRE INFORMATIONHCLNW 191ST AV & NW 193RD PLINFO2Open Call
2016-10-26 16:22:54163000967HAZARDT18500 SCOFFINS/12498 HALL2822Open Call
2016-10-26 16:22:24161002407FIRE ALARM, RESDBOR28123 SE VIVA LNE14Open Call
2016-10-26 16:20:10161004821FIRE ALARM, COMMHCLNW VON NEUMANN DR & NW AMBERGLEN PKOpen Call
2016-10-26 16:16:50161004820INVALID ASSISTBTHNW PURVIS DR & NW SAINT ANDREWS DRE68Open Call
2016-10-26 16:14:12161004819CHEST PAIN/HEARTFGFMAPLE ST & OAK STMED4, MW52Open Call
2016-10-26 16:12:59163000949TRF ACC, NON-INJB212998 BROADWAY/4448 CEDAR HILLS6226Open Call
2016-10-26 16:12:46163000946TRF ACC, NON-INJF1FG POLICE DEPT4229, 4232Open Call
2016-10-26 16:08:24161004818MVA-UNK INJURYPRO8720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYC5, E53Open Call
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