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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-26 16:50:32161004829TRAUMACNLNW CLAIRE CT & NW ROBINIA LNE60, METWA, MW33Open Call
2016-10-26 12:37:14161004777TRAUMAPROSW ARCTIC DR & SW ALLEN BVMED53, METWA, MW51Open Call
2016-10-25 21:13:39161004663TRAUMA C1TUASW 65TH AV & MCEWAN RDMW59, SQT34Open Call
2016-10-25 17:15:52161004633TRAUMACNLSW INTERMARK ST & SW INTERMARK STE60, MW32, MW37Open Call
2016-10-25 16:05:12161004619TRAUMA C1HWHSE 61ST DR & SE 62ND AVE06, MW32, MW50Open Call
2016-10-25 14:17:46161004604TRAUMA C1TIGSW GARDEN PL & SW KNOLL DRCAR51, MW51Open Call
2016-10-25 10:13:25161004562TRAUMAALOSW ANTHONY DR & SW 214TH AVE62, MW51Open Call
2016-10-25 09:49:56161004557TRAUMAWILSW ORLEANS AV & SW RAVENNA LPAMR, E92, MED52Open Call
2016-10-25 05:03:07161004531TRAUMAHBMW MAIN ST & NW LINCOLN STE01, MW30Open Call
2016-10-24 23:40:25161004516TRAUMA C1HWHDEAD END & SE GOLDEN STE02, METWA, MW65Open Call
2016-10-24 18:42:27161004483TRAUMAHBMHARE FIELDE01, MW53Open Call
2016-10-24 07:14:42161004359TRAUMA C1HRANE 41ST AV & NE 30TH AVE03, MW32Open Call
2016-10-24 01:09:58161004336TRAUMAWAL11500 GAARDE/13998 115THE50, METWA, MW72Open Call
2016-10-23 18:25:16161004285TRAUMABVMSW MURRAY BV & SW 153RD DRMETWA, MW55, T67Open Call
2016-10-23 18:10:27161004282TRAUMABVMSW 5TH ST & SW 5TH STMETWA, MW38, MW65, T67Open Call
2016-10-23 15:50:38161004261TRAUMA C1KCFSW 115TH AV & SW 124TH AVE35, METWA, MW53Open Call
2016-10-23 15:06:59161004255TRAUMABVM17000 FLORENCE/4550 170THMW37, T67Open Call
2016-10-23 13:36:37161004239TRAUMA C1BOL4648 CHESTNUT/1498 SUNSETAMR268, E58Open Call
2016-10-22 20:31:20161004147TRAUMACNBS ELMWOOD CI & ELMWOOD CIMED59Open Call
2016-10-22 20:12:08161004144TRAUMA C1ERDSW IBACH CT & SW IOWA DRMETWA, MW56, T56Open Call
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