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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-26 12:13:31161004770STROKEBOLRIDGEWOOD WY & TRILLIUM DRAMR, AMR271, E58Open Call
2016-10-26 01:45:30161004679STROKERCKNW PARK VIEW BV & DEAD ENDE64, MW58Open Call
2016-10-25 01:46:05161004521STROKECHSNW 167TH AV & DEAD ENDE61, METWA, MW69Open Call
2016-10-24 20:39:25161004499STROKENDTN CENTER ST & VILLA RDMED20, T20Open Call
2016-10-24 14:09:07161004431STROKEWALSW HORIZON BV & SW MENLOR LNE50, MW35Open Call
2016-10-23 22:37:33161004325STROKEALOSW ROCK DR & SW BLAINE STE92, METWA, MW58Open Call
2016-10-22 17:00:16161004107STROKEALOSW 188TH AV & SW 191ST AVE62, METWB, MW56Open Call
2016-10-22 13:54:44161004081STROKEWILDEAD END & SW COURTSIDE DRAMR266, E52Open Call
2016-10-22 11:22:01161004055STROKEBVMSW MURRAY BV & SW 148TH AVMW39, T67Open Call
2016-10-22 09:09:10161004028STROKEWILSW MEMORIAL DR & SW WILSON LNAMR, E52, MED52Open Call
2016-10-21 17:26:11161003950STROKETIGSW ASH AV & SW MAIN STMETWB, MW53, T51Open Call
2016-10-21 16:32:28161003935STROKEWALSW 121ST AV & DEAD ENDMETWA, MW39Open Call
2016-10-19 19:20:19161003577STROKETIGSW 76TH AV & SW PENNYWORT TEHR51, MW75Open Call
2016-10-19 17:25:32161003554STROKECNLSW 82ND PL & SW 84TH AVE60, MW57Open Call
2016-10-19 17:15:29161003551STROKECHSNW BLUERIDGE DR & NW ISLAND TEE61, MED35, MW73Open Call
2016-10-19 15:45:52161003539STROKEBRRSW 133RD PL & SW 135TH AVE50, MW35Open Call
2016-10-19 11:21:28161003497STROKERCKNW SPARTAN WY & NW LAIDLAW RDCAR64, E64, MW33Open Call
2016-10-19 10:07:46161003486STROKEHWHSE IMLAY AV & SE 56TH PLE02, MW37Open Call
2016-10-18 12:23:13161003339STROKEPROSW EAGLE LN & SW CRYSTAL STE53, MW51Open Call
2016-10-18 12:14:31161003337STROKEPROSW ARROWWOOD LN & SW 92ND AVMED53, MW53Open Call
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