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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-26 13:21:51161004784SICK PERSON C1BVMSW 150TH AV & DEAD ENDMED67, METWB, MW54Open Call
2016-10-26 09:59:35161004729SICK PERSON C1TIGSW 103RD AV & SW 104TH AVCAR51, MW28Open Call
2016-10-26 09:50:20161004728SICK PERSON C1WALDEAD END & SW COTTONWOOD LNMED53, MW31Open Call
2016-10-25 13:29:43161004597SICK PERSON C1RHLSW RYSTADT LN & SW HOWATT STMED70, MW50Open Call
2016-10-24 16:48:36161004462SICK PERSON C1RHLSW BEAVERTON HILLSDALE HW & SW DOVER STE65, MW52Open Call
2016-10-24 14:15:27161004434SICK PERSON C1HWHSE HACIENDA ST & SE PEGASUS STE02, MW54Open Call
2016-10-24 10:06:42161004389SICK PERSON C1RHLSW KIRSTEN CT & SW BEAVERTON HILLSDALE HWE65, MW35Open Call
2016-10-24 05:31:39161004349SICK PERSON C1ALO5348 185TH/18500 MADELINEE92, METWA, MW51Open Call
2016-10-24 01:41:04161004338SICK PERSON C1BVMSW ALICE LN & SW MAD HATTER LNMETWA, MW69, T67Open Call
2016-10-23 19:47:56161004297SICK PERSON C1ALOSW CARLIN BV & SW MADRID DRE92, MW57Open Call
2016-10-23 11:49:32161004224SICK PERSON C1TIGSW 72ND AV & SW 77TH PLMW35, T51Open Call
2016-10-23 11:14:39161004216SICK PERSON C1NSBS ELLIOTT RD & NE SPRINGBROOK RDE21, MED21Open Call
2016-10-23 07:56:46161004195SICK PERSON C1KCFFIRE 35E35, METWA, MW54Open Call
2016-10-23 02:27:54161004176SICK PERSON C1NDTE 3RD ST & UNNAMED STMED20Open Call
2016-10-23 02:19:08161004175SICK PERSON C1HCLNW DELAMERE TE & NW ADWICK DRE06, METWA, MW57Open Call
2016-10-23 01:49:53161004171SICK PERSON C1BVMSW 5TH ST & SW 5TH STE67, METWA, MW59Open Call
2016-10-22 16:59:29161004106SICK PERSON C1TIGSW 103RD AV & SW 104TH AVMETWA, MW54, T51Open Call
2016-10-22 06:38:13161004012SICK PERSON C1TUASW 65TH AV & MCEWAN RDMETWA, MW51, SQT34Open Call
2016-10-21 19:55:59161003963SICK PERSON C1ALOSW 198TH AV & SW 203RD AVE62, MW67Open Call
2016-10-21 13:25:08161003908SICK PERSON C1BVMSW BROADWAY ST & SW HOCKEN AVE67, MW55Open Call
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