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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-09-24 20:30:33160904535BREATH PROB C1FGFFIRE 04E421, METWA, MW73Open Call
2016-06-16 09:07:44160602648BREATH PROB C1GAFFIRE 11MED11, MW33Open Call
2016-05-03 06:02:30160500412BREATH PROB C1BVMSW 130TH AV & SW ERICKSON AVMETWA, MW59, T67Open Call
2016-03-25 08:57:57160303986BREATH PROB C1SKYNW GERMANTOWN RD & NW GERMANTOWN RDAMR304, E368, E64Open Call
2016-03-01 14:45:44160300113BREATH PROB C1ALOSW JETTE LN & SW 204TH AVE62, MW50Open Call
2016-01-31 16:01:07160104914BREATH PROB C1WFDFIELDS DR & OSTMAN RDAMR271, E59Open Call
2016-01-11 06:05:05160101715BREATH PROB C1HWHDEAD END & SE SINGING WOODS DRE02, METWA, MW50Open Call
2015-12-10 23:55:34151201877BREATH PROB C1BVMSW MURRAY BV & SW 148TH AVT67Open Call
2015-12-08 14:49:57151201363BREATH PROB C1FGFLARCH ST & MAPLE STE421, MW27Open Call
2015-11-25 17:57:17151104063BREATH PROB C1PROSW HEMLOCK ST & SW LOCUST STE53, MW39, MW65Open Call
2015-10-27 21:02:08151004394BREATH PROB C1CHSSW FAR VISTA ST & SW MURRAY BVMETWA, MW69, SQT61Open Call
2015-10-22 22:37:14151003587BREATH PROB C1HBM13 MP & SE 5TH AVE01, METWA, MW58Open Call
2015-10-06 23:41:44151000986BREATH PROB C1RHLKAISER MEDICAL CLINIC (BTN)E65, METWA, MW72Open Call
2015-09-14 21:22:02150902241BREATH PROB C1CHSSW PARK WY & SW FAIRCREST STE61, METWA, MW54, MW65, MW73Open Call
2015-07-22 17:03:41150703962BREATH PROB C1KCFSW WOODCREST AV & SW GREENLAND DRE35, MW48Open Call
2015-06-26 02:27:09150604641BREATH PROB C1WSLSW ALYSSA LN & SW CANYON LNE65Open Call
2015-03-22 17:37:02150303406BREATH PROB C1ALOSW 187TH AV & SW 192ND AVE92, METWA, MW49, SQT62Open Call
2015-03-19 23:01:03150303026BREATH PROB C1FGFHAWTHORNE ST & 19TH WYE421, METWA, MW44Open Call
2015-03-10 14:22:14150301492BREATH PROB C1BVMSW MURRAY BV & SW WHEATON LNE67, METWA, MW38Open Call
2014-12-17 16:31:50141202570BREATH PROB C1TUASW MARTINAZZI AV & SW SAGERT STMED52, SQT34Open Call
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