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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-25 13:49:13161004599MVA-INJURY ACCIDCHS1648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARKCAR61, E61, MW54Open Call
2016-10-25 13:15:31162990688TRF ACC, NON-INJB21648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARK6224, 6228Open Call
2016-01-15 17:33:11160102456MVA-UNK INJURYCHS1648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARKE61Open Call
2015-12-31 19:52:35153651072FIREWORKSB21648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARK5794Open Call
2015-12-15 10:46:23153490501TRF ACC, NON-INJB21648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARK6121Open Call
2015-11-16 09:30:09153200363*BLOCKINGW311648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARK5130Open Call
2015-09-22 10:59:24152650528HAZARDB21648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARK6131Open Call
2015-06-08 17:11:56150601416MVA-INJURY ACCIDCHS1648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARKSQT61Open Call
2015-05-18 10:23:19151380428HAZARDB21648 CEDAR HILLS/11600 PARK6121Open Call
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