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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-19 22:09:12161001793WATER PROBLEMSANSEAMAN ST/SANDY HEIGHTS STE74Open Call
2016-10-18 16:57:08161001686WATER PROBLEMOGR14700 SE MCLOUGHLIN BVE3Open Call
2016-10-18 14:42:48161001665WATER PROBLEMDAM15095 SE BARKLEY CTE19Open Call
2016-10-18 14:30:18161001663WATER PROBLEMGLA17909 OATFIELD RDC100, DO109, E101, FM100Open Call
2016-10-17 13:12:53161001562WATER PROBLEMGLA315 PATRICIA DRBC2, C100, E101, FM100Open Call
2016-10-14 19:49:23161001318WATER PROBLEMLKR7128 SE SAN MARCOS AVE4Open Call
2016-10-08 09:53:41161000685WATER PROBLEMLKR7990 SE BRENTWOOD CTE4Open Call
2016-10-04 21:30:07161000388WATER PROBLEMTCR7180 SE FIR AVE1Open Call
2016-09-22 17:30:48160902186WATER PROBLEMGLA345 W FAIRFIELD STDO109, FM100Open Call
2016-09-21 05:19:45160902015WATER PROBLEMMIL5653 SE KING RDT2Open Call
2016-09-06 16:47:20160900583WATER PROBLEMHLT20048 TORREY PINES DRE16, T15Open Call
2016-09-01 21:53:29160900085WATER PROBLEMHLT19850 CASTLEBERRY LPE16Open Call
2016-08-30 22:55:06160803155WATER PROBLEMTCR7600 SE JOHNSON CREEK BVBC2, E1Open Call
2016-08-20 05:26:14160801966WATER PROBLEMTCR12345 SE FULLER RDE1Open Call
2016-08-17 22:53:02160801715WATER PROBLEMJAS1955 CLACKAMETTE DRE9Open Call
2016-08-15 00:33:18160801412WATER PROBLEMCLA15700 SE 82ND DRT8Open Call
2016-08-14 06:29:57160801314WATER PROBLEMBOR28320 SE WALLY RDE14Open Call
2016-08-14 00:36:46160801301WATER PROBLEMHVA12012 SE WILLIAM OTTY RDE6Open Call
2016-08-11 17:57:54160801055WATER PROBLEMBCK14977 TURTLE BAY DRE10Open Call
2016-08-08 14:38:24160800750WATER PROBLEMCNB372 SE 13TH PLBC6, C62, E61Open Call
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