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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-07-05 20:47:20160700518UNCONCIOUS/FAINTCLA15080 SE PINEGROVE LPE6, M272, M279, MEDA, T8Open Call
2015-02-19 09:54:49150201637UNCONCIOUS/FAINTGLA8360 CASON RDM1, M266, R101Open Call
2015-02-19 08:59:58150201630UNCONCIOUS/FAINTLOG18286 S SPRINGWATER RDE11, M1, M268Open Call
2015-02-18 12:05:53150201559UNCONCIOUS/FAINTOGR14700 SE MCLOUGHLIN BVM1, M269, R3Open Call
2015-02-17 00:22:44150201432UNCONCIOUS/FAINTCNB10038 S NEW ERA RDE61, M62Open Call
2015-02-16 16:03:31150201404UNCONCIOUS/FAINTOGR3838 SE HILLSIDE DRM1, M262, R3Open Call
2015-02-16 13:52:25150201393UNCONCIOUS/FAINTLKR8124 SE LAKE RDE4, M1, M266Open Call
2015-02-16 09:53:18150201374UNCONCIOUS/FAINTOGR4707 SE BOARDMAN AVM1, M269, R3Open Call
2015-02-15 22:43:17150201343UNCONCIOUS/FAINTTCR7634 SE MONROE STE1, M1, M275Open Call
2015-02-15 20:26:29150201332UNCONCIOUS/FAINTCLA15758 SE HWY 224M1, M277, T8Open Call
2015-02-15 16:27:50150201312UNCONCIOUS/FAINTMOL861 W MAIN STE82, M81, M82Open Call
2015-02-15 16:17:32150201310UNCONCIOUS/FAINTTCR13130 SE 84TH AVHR5, M1, M264, M273Open Call
2015-02-15 10:45:00150201285UNCONCIOUS/FAINTMOL803 W MAIN STDO80, E82, M1, M269, M82Open Call
2015-02-15 08:42:01150201276UNCONCIOUS/FAINTHOL15062 ARMEL DRE9, M1, M264Open Call
2015-02-15 07:11:34150201268UNCONCIOUS/FAINTMOL236 S COLE AVE82, M81Open Call
2015-02-14 23:41:54150201247UNCONCIOUS/FAINTSND19325 MAHOGANY DRE17, M1, M274Open Call
2015-02-14 17:26:18150201215UNCONCIOUS/FAINTTCR9603 SE 82ND AVE1, HR5, M1, M271Open Call
2015-02-14 11:34:35150201191UNCONCIOUS/FAINTMIL12115 SE GROVE LPM1, M269, T2Open Call
2015-02-14 01:25:15150201163UNCONCIOUS/FAINTRDL16744 S BECKMAN RDE11, M1, M276Open Call
2015-02-13 17:16:20150201134UNCONCIOUS/FAINTWEL23401 E MARGARET LNC251, M1, M270, SQ251Open Call
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