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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-18 12:22:27161001651HEART/ABN BREATHCAU9701 SE JOHNSON CREEKHR5, M267, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-01 06:24:16161000015HEART/ABN BREATHCNB352 SW 6TH AVE61, M62Open Call
2016-09-25 12:10:43160902416HEART/ABN BREATHCNB1120 N OAK STE61, M62Open Call
2016-09-23 18:43:12160902275HEART/ABN BREATHCNB200 S HAZEL DELL WYE61Open Call
2016-09-20 07:16:25160901937HEART/ABN BREATHJAS1400 DIVISION STM16, MEDA, T15Open Call
2016-09-18 20:38:11160901804HEART/ABN BREATHCNB1575 N OAK STE61, M62Open Call
2016-09-15 16:50:22160901487HEART/ABN BREATHCLA16440 SE 82ND DRE4, M268, MEDAOpen Call
2016-09-10 01:12:38160900922HEART/ABN BREATHMOL301 RIDINGS AVE84, M81Open Call
2016-09-06 13:01:10160900552HEART/ABN BREATHTCR7863 SE JOHNSON CREEK BVE1, M262, MEDAOpen Call
2016-09-05 10:51:21160900439HEART/ABN BREATHBRI65181 E BOULDER CT2501, M263, MEDA, SQ251, SQ252Open Call
2016-09-02 16:12:20160900158HEART/ABN BREATHSAN38435 PARK STE74, M270, MEDAOpen Call
2016-08-16 02:41:54160801522HEART/ABN BREATHMIL2425 SE MONROE STM274, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-08-10 00:42:12160800885HEART/ABN BREATHBRI64724 E LUPINE DR2505, E253, M276, MEDA, SQ251Open Call
2016-07-12 09:23:48160701116HEART/ABN BREATHCNB2234 N HOLLY STE61, M59Open Call
2016-07-06 10:29:47160700573HEART/ABN BREATHOGR2909 SE LAURELWOOD DRM309, M3Open Call
2016-07-02 10:47:23160700137HEART/ABN BREATHOGR4600 SE BALDOCK WYE3, M269, MEDAOpen Call
2016-07-01 19:33:10160700081HEART/ABN BREATHEST26121 SE FROG POND LNBR110, E110, M271, MEDA, R110Open Call
2016-06-30 02:20:31160602900HEART/ABN BREATHCNB1555 S IVY STE61, M62Open Call
2016-06-24 07:11:41160602342HEART/ABN BREATHHVA11737 SE MARKET DRE6, M301Open Call
2016-06-24 01:48:55160602329HEART/ABN BREATHHVA8672 SE 133RD PLE6, M274, MEDAOpen Call
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