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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-25 03:48:11161002258DANGEROUS BLEEDLKR7414 SE CLACKAMAS RDE4, M278, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-24 16:29:41161002223DANGEROUS BLEEDJAS1400 DIVISION STM264, M280, MEDA, T15Open Call
2016-10-23 19:21:15161002161DANGEROUS BLEEDEST261 SE 5TH AVM274, MEDA, R110Open Call
2016-10-21 14:09:58161001955DANGEROUS BLEEDHOL200 LONGVIEW WYE9, M261, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-20 02:06:48161001801DANGEROUS BLEEDJAS515 10TH STM279, MEDA, T15Open Call
2016-10-19 09:52:03161001737DANGEROUS BLEEDJAS2205 GILMAN DRE16, M268, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-18 02:49:33161001616DANGEROUS BLEEDLKR3956 SE LAKE RDE4, M277, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-15 16:30:20161001407DANGEROUS BLEEDEST854 SE 4TH AVBR110, C110, M272, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-14 18:27:48161001310DANGEROUS BLEEDSND18711 CENTRAL POINT RDE17, M272, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-11 20:40:47161000987DANGEROUS BLEEDJAS6TH ST/WASHINGTON STM272, M275, MEDA, T15Open Call
2016-10-11 07:50:03161000927DANGEROUS BLEEDHLT15920 S MERRY LEE DRE16, M16, M262, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-10 18:54:15161000893DANGEROUS BLEEDLOG15701 S SPRINGWATER RDM269, MEDB, T8Open Call
2016-10-10 18:11:59161000885DANGEROUS BLEEDHLT1842 MOLALLA AVE16, M269, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-10 17:33:46161000878DANGEROUS BLEEDSND19100 MERCHANT PLE17, M266, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-10 03:38:19161000830DANGEROUS BLEEDHLT1680 MOLALLA AVE16, M279, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-07 01:31:35161000587DANGEROUS BLEEDLKR4415 SE PENNYWOOD DRM274, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-10-06 13:23:23161000526DANGEROUS BLEEDTCR9495 SE 82ND AVHR5, M265, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-04 17:57:31161000370DANGEROUS BLEEDMOL656 S TAYLOR CTC82, E61, M59, MEDB, SQ82Open Call
2016-09-29 11:10:10160902806DANGEROUS BLEEDMOL13978 S LEABO RDM81Open Call
2016-09-27 14:05:49160902631DANGEROUS BLEEDJAS431 BARCLAY AVM262, MEDAOpen Call
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