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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-19 12:29:08161001754CHIMNEY FIRELKR14375 SE WEBSTER RDE4Open Call
2016-10-15 19:08:29161001424CHIMNEY FIRESAN17610 SE 362ND DRE72Open Call
2016-09-02 22:38:24160900202CHIMNEY FIREMIL12465 SE GROVE CTE4, T2Open Call
2016-08-07 16:43:28160800669CHIMNEY FIREOGR12863 SE 22ND AVE3Open Call
2016-06-13 15:37:51160601340CHIMNEY FIRECLA15997 SE 135TH AVE19, T8Open Call
2016-05-27 06:06:45160502531CHIMNEY FIRECAU9894 SE WESTVIEW CTHR5Open Call
2016-05-23 22:12:25160502261CHIMNEY FIREGLA700 RIVERDALE DRDO109Open Call
2016-05-15 17:04:16160501489CHIMNEY FIRELKR7924 SE LAKE RDE4Open Call
2016-05-12 09:13:20160501151CHIMNEY FIREJAS701 MAIN STBC3, E16, E17, T8Open Call
2016-04-26 17:53:26160402475CHIMNEY FIRECLA13798 SE 123RD CTBC2, T8Open Call
2016-04-14 19:09:45160401332CHIMNEY FIREBRI19230 E CLUB HOUSE RDBC255, C251, DO250, E252, E254, ETIME, R251, WT251Open Call
2016-04-12 07:33:45160401080CHIMNEY FIRELNE10247 S KRAXBERGER RDBC6, E61, E65, M62, SQ65, SQT62, WT61Open Call
2016-04-01 07:40:17160400013CHIMNEY FIRESAN18808 SE AUTUMN WYE74Open Call
2016-03-31 08:20:20160302869CHIMNEY FIREBOR29830 SE HWY 212E14Open Call
2016-03-30 20:27:57160302835CHIMNEY FIRELOG18828 S MATTOON RDE11Open Call
2016-03-27 00:48:09160302491CHIMNEY FIREGOV90055 E GOVERNMENT CAMP LPC251, DO250, E252, E253, E254, SQ253, WT251Open Call
2016-03-20 16:51:56160301927CHIMNEY FIREEST33235 SE REGAN HILL RDC110, C113, E110, WT110Open Call
2016-03-10 05:28:03160300886CHIMNEY FIREWEL68204 E TWINBERRY LPC251, DO250, E252, E254, WT251Open Call
2016-03-08 10:24:57160300722CHIMNEY FIRECNB7160 S KING STE61, M62, SQT62, WT61Open Call
2016-02-27 18:28:25160202562CHIMNEY FIREBOR26775 SE KELSO RDE14Open Call
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