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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-25 11:37:32161002288CHEST/ABN BREATHPVA12524 SE BARI AVM306Open Call
2016-10-24 04:09:03161002179CHEST/ABN BREATHSAN39495 CASCADIA VILLAGEE74, M279, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-23 05:24:33161002105CHEST/ABN BREATHTCR8800 SE CAUSEY LPE1, M279, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-23 00:33:46161002092CHEST/ABN BREATHMIL4236 SE WASHINGTON STM274, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-10-20 10:50:02161001837CHEST/ABN BREATHLKR4909 SE INTERNATIONAL WYE4, M269, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-19 12:31:25161001755CHEST/ABN BREATHOGR2705 SE COURTNEY AVE3, M3, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-19 09:31:47161001734CHEST/ABN BREATHTCR8868 SE SUNNYSIDE RDE1, M264, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-18 22:21:44161001708CHEST/ABN BREATHLKR6902 SE LAKE RDE4, M279, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-16 16:27:42161001498CHEST/ABN BREATHMIL9327 SE 32ND AVM264, M268, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-10-15 19:43:36161001428CHEST/ABN BREATHCNB177 SE 3RD AVE61, M62Open Call
2016-10-15 00:22:07161001335CHEST/ABN BREATHHLT1840 MOLALLA AVE16, M273, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-14 15:15:22161001284CHEST/ABN BREATHMOL250 KENNEL AVC82, E82, EMSMO, M62Open Call
2016-10-11 23:51:43161001002CHEST/ABN BREATHSAN39665 EVANS STE74, M276, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-09 05:39:17161000767CHEST/ABN BREATHPVA13682 SE 153RD DRE7, M279, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-08 03:16:07161000667CHEST/ABN BREATHGLA388 E CLARENDON STM279, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-10-05 17:46:43161000461CHEST/ABN BREATHMIL5001 SE JOHNSON CREEK BVM266, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-10-04 18:25:08161000375CHEST/ABN BREATHGOV30269 E BLOSSOM TRAIL2501, 2509, M271, MEDA, SQ251, SQ253Open Call
2016-10-04 10:32:05161000333CHEST/ABN BREATHSAN36500 DUBARKO RDE71, E72, M261, MEDBOpen Call
2016-10-03 15:53:33161000244CHEST/ABN BREATHMIL12525 SE LINWOOD AVM272, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-10-01 12:15:54161000044CHEST/ABN BREATHMOL835 E MAIN STSQ82Open Call
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