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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-26 15:38:51161002403BREATHING PROB.ECR24251 SE VAN CUREN RDBR110, E14, M270, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-26 15:33:12161002402BREATHING PROB.MIL9102 SE RAINBOW CIM266, M280, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-10-26 15:13:59161002397BREATHING PROB.CLA15164 SE 122ND AVE6, M267, M280, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-26 12:28:49161002378BREATHING PROB.HLT1680 MOLALLA AVE16, M266, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-26 03:27:45161002349BREATHING PROB.SAN39495 CASCADIA VILLAGE DRE74, M276, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-25 20:27:06161002338BREATHING PROB.BOR13025 SE ORIENT DRE14, M276, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-25 20:05:53161002336BREATHING PROB.CAU12656 SE 110TH CTHR5, M274, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-25 06:18:59161002265BREATHING PROB.OGR4907 SE THIESSEN RDE3, M261, M3, MEDBOpen Call
2016-10-25 05:59:13161002263BREATHING PROB.CNB1589 S IVY STE61, M62Open Call
2016-10-25 00:38:04161002252BREATHING PROB.JAS410 DEWEY STM275, MEDA, T15Open Call
2016-10-24 21:21:11161002243BREATHING PROB.TCR11139 SE CAUSEY CIE1, M278, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-24 20:04:29161002236BREATHING PROB.TCRSE 84TH AV/SE SUNNYBROOK BVE1, M280, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-24 15:44:16161002218BREATHING PROB.TCR8607 SE CAUSEY AVE1, M266, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-24 11:44:59161002202BREATHING PROB.LKR8579 SE BACHMAN DRE4, M271, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-24 04:05:34161002178BREATHING PROB.HLT19504 ASHLEY DRE16, M275, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-24 03:49:00161002177BREATHING PROB.GLA660 E CLARENDON STM277, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-10-24 03:23:10161002176BREATHING PROB.SAN38275 MARCY STE74, M276, MEDAOpen Call
2016-10-23 19:08:16161002160BREATHING PROB.CNB620 SE 2ND AVE61, M59, M61Open Call
2016-10-23 16:20:55161002146BREATHING PROB.TCR11211 SE 82ND AVOpen Call
2016-10-23 15:20:19161002139BREATHING PROB.HLT1153 MOLALLA AVE16, E17, M273Open Call
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