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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-25 14:14:17161002304BP ABNORMAILITYCNB10038 S NEW ERA RDE61, M62Open Call
2016-10-23 18:04:27161002153BP ABNORMAILITYMOL301 RIDINGS AVE82, M81Open Call
2016-10-20 13:14:28161001852BP ABNORMAILITYMIL10360 SE WAVERLY CTM262, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-10-15 10:38:00161001354BP ABNORMAILITYCNB1555 S IVY STBC6, C61, EMSCA, M52, M61, M62Open Call
2016-10-13 12:57:16161001138BP ABNORMAILITYCLA17125 SE 82ND DRM261, MEDA, T8Open Call
2016-10-12 14:37:12161001053BP ABNORMAILITYTCR6215 SE HAZEL AVE1, M264, MEDBOpen Call
2016-10-09 13:14:24161000792BP ABNORMAILITYOGR16110 SE HAROLD AVM262, M3, MEDAOpen Call
2016-09-15 07:26:12160901427BP ABNORMAILITYHLT2206-B KAEN RDE16, M265, MEDAOpen Call
2016-09-14 11:15:09160901323BP ABNORMAILITYJAS728 MOLALLA AVM16, M261, MEDAOpen Call
2016-09-10 13:43:47160900951BP ABNORMAILITYMOL615 W HEINTZ STE84, M81, M82Open Call
2016-09-09 12:50:53160900862BP ABNORMAILITYEST26520 S HILLOCKBURN RDBR110, M270, MEDAOpen Call
2016-08-30 13:19:44160803112BP ABNORMAILITYCNB1433 SE 1ST AVE61, M62Open Call
2016-08-29 21:29:12160803067BP ABNORMAILITYCNB1890 N TEAKWOOD STE61, M62Open Call
2016-08-27 14:03:01160802811BP ABNORMAILITYCNB488 NW 6TH AVE61, M62Open Call
2016-08-20 14:56:19160802026BP ABNORMAILITYCLA16301 SE 82ND DRM262, MEDA, T8Open Call
2016-08-18 16:59:26160801785BP ABNORMAILITYMIL9533 SE WINSOR DRM270, MEDA, T2Open Call
2016-08-16 14:45:41160801561BP ABNORMAILITYCNB1433 SE 1ST AVE61, M62Open Call
2016-08-09 13:12:53160800824BP ABNORMAILITYEST294 SE SHAFFORD STBR110, M265, MEDAOpen Call
2016-08-07 23:04:41160800701BP ABNORMAILITYEST33421 SE HWY 224BR110, M276, MEDAOpen Call
2016-08-05 11:30:36160800435BP ABNORMAILITYHLT19474 STILLMEADOW DRM268, MEDAOpen Call
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