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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-24 08:07:27161002186SICK PERSONGLA220 E HEREFORD STM265, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-10-14 15:24:03161001286STROKE (CVA)GLA220 E HEREFORD STM271, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-10-13 22:14:04161001203SICK PERSONGLA220 E HEREFORD STM278, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-09-28 15:50:37160902742BREATHING PROB.GLA220 E HEREFORD STM272, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-09-24 20:38:16160902368OVERDOSE/POISONGLA220 E HEREFORD STM274, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-09-24 12:42:59160902327BREATHING PROB.GLA220 E HEREFORD STM266, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-09-18 06:44:41160901742CARD/RESP ARRESTGLA220 E HEREFORD STDO109, E101, M261, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-09-09 08:48:58160900843CHEST/DIF BREATHGLA220 E HEREFORD STM3, R101Open Call
2016-09-02 08:52:10160900112HEART/NOT ALERTGLA220 E HEREFORD STM264, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-08-30 09:50:53160803099STROKE (CVA)GLA220 E HEREFORD STM266, MEDB, R101Open Call
2016-08-14 11:35:50160801340CARD/RESP ARRESTGLA220 E HEREFORD STE101, M268, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-08-07 19:30:26160800688SICK PERSONGLA220 E HEREFORD STM277, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-08-06 14:26:31160800574BREATHING PROB.GLA220 E HEREFORD STE101, M273, MEDAOpen Call
2016-07-29 17:16:41160702848BREATHING PROB.GLA220 E HEREFORD STDO109, M265Open Call
2016-07-27 07:10:50160702571SICK PERSONGLA220 E HEREFORD STM261, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-07-15 22:01:52160701451FALLGLA220 E HEREFORD STM277, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-07-04 07:19:49160700337FALLGLA220 E HEREFORD STM261, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-06-16 07:53:20160601601STROKE (CVA)GLA220 E HEREFORD STM267, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-06-15 05:43:26160601491SICK PERSONGLA220 E HEREFORD STM262, MEDA, R101Open Call
2016-06-13 20:04:34160601365BREATHING PROB.GLA220 E HEREFORD STM279, MEDA, R101Open Call
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